Debtorcare offers a lot of features. The goal is to take over as much of your daily work as possible. Besides the fact that you have a clear report of your accounts receivable you can interfere any time you want.

Easily configure your credit management process

Not every line of business has the same needs. The way your collection process needs to be configured depends on your industry. Helped by one of our specialists, you can configure any collection process based on your needs and our experience.

Send all your summons with one mouse click

Once logged on Debtorcare you can send the right summons for all overdue invoices. All reminders will be sent according to the scheme you configured. Printed on paper or by mail.

Interrupt workflows and set deadlines manually?

Set up a payment settlement. Solve a dispute. With one mouseclick you interrupt the workflow set deadlines manually.

Easily transfer invoices to debt collection

Is a client not paying your invoice? With Debtorcare you transfer the invoice to a Debt Collection agency easily.

Geïntegreerde klachtenmodule

Geen escalaties meer. Uw mensen werken nooit meer langs elkaar af.

Met de Debtorcare klachtenmodule, registreert u met klachten in een handomdraai. Met een muisklik legt u procedures tijdelijk stil en delegeert u taken aan collega’s. Elke actie kan gekoppeld worden aan een deadline zodat deadlines nooit uit het oog worden verloren.

Make your own standard templates

For frequently asked questions you can create e-mail templates. You can use these templates to handle cases that frequently happen.

Stay in control

Invoices within the standard workflow which have been interrupted for special actions are visible in one screen. This means you’re always informed about detailed payment conditions at a glance.

Clear reports

Do you want to know the average payment terms of your customers? Do you want to know your best paying customers? With our reports module you always have clear insight.

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